I am burnu, and I will train you to be a Kulipari warrior.

It Has Begun

Look alive young warrior. The Amphibilands is on the verge of Destruction. Lord Marmoo has started a campaign to destroy our homes and all that lives and breathes there. We must stop him and the Spider Queen Jarrah at all costs.


For years, the frogs of the Amphibilands have lived in safety—protected by us, the Kulipari, and the dreamcasting spell, “The VEIL” that was casted by the the turtle king Sergu. Now the spell is threatened by the villainous Spider Queen Jarrah and her powerful dreamcasting magic called “Nightcasting”. Along with Lord Marmoo, the feared leader of the vicious Scorpion Army, these two natural enemies of the Amphibians have banned together with one common goal – conquering us.

I am Jir, an old Kulapari warrior, I will teach you about your friends.


You won’t be able to take the Scorpion King by yourself. You’ll need the help of your brothers-in-arms.

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  • Allie


Our Success rests on our knowledge of both Marmoo's scorpion horde and Queen Jarrah's nightcasting. We must know their strengths and weaknesses to we will know how to win the battle.

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Our Tweets

I am the magical Turtle King Segu, heed my wisdom.


The front lines need you, Kulipari!

The Kulipari novels are the best way to learn about the world of the Kulipari, the weaknesses of the Arachnids and how to defeat those nasty Scorpions. They will also teach you about the Rainbow Serpent, Dreamcasting, Nightcasting, and how to use your poisonous powers for good.

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Book One An Army of Frogs

Book Two The Rainbow Serpent